October 26,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello friends and HeartBeats Im a little agitated but Im not gonna let that stop my content. I have a Working On WIPS today imma go ahead and post it here first as if Im writing it first I need to long hand it later though.

Working On WIPS:This is Chapter 3: The Savannas Secret and it starts in Tomias Cousins Restaurant. Fifi has just asked Tomias two questions why is he bothering the General and Why Hes back in Ghana Fifi!!! Can I just Order Food we are starving . I eat. We can talk.

What would you like , King?

Kenkey and Fried Fish and Shanti will Have Fufu & Goat Soup

Now let me order for myself Tomias how you know I wanted that

Will that be all?

Shanti blurted out 2 strawberry Fantas.

Its cooked on order we can talk while its cooking come to my special dining area its private

Fifi leads them through the kitchen hands off the order to one of her chefs Tomias was impressed by how up to date everything was in her kitchen. Fifi leads them to her Eden of Love area looking out big floor to ceiling windows at a fountain and flower garden thats apart of the Mall. Room decked out in Afro Centric decor sold by locals and colors for the full Ghanaian experience.

Wow wow wow! Fifi this is elegant,

Thank you Shanti That means a lot Now why are you two here? Fifi asked getting to the point.

We here because Sir William got propositioned for the Kings land and the King is worried about the Secret place. Do you know anything. I can relay back to the King?How is the General treating you?

Come I need to show you something

Fifi walks them to the basement stairs of her establishment and Tomias Starts to Boil over.

Fifi what is this you showing me you have basement how much do they know Fifi?Tomias screams out

Going down the stairs you didnt need lights the material called Vouslit up the room durable like platinum gives them their shape shifting ability and the ability to exist for multiple lives and health benefits can be ingested like a mineral.

Yes they got Tons of Vous and if they Propositioned the King for his land they have gotten greedy they took tons of it out the ground building this place. Dont worry its not activated down here is only light up from our charms we have. Shanti do you still have yours?

Yes, Always,Grabbing it around her neck and now its glowing .

Imma stop there they still havent ate yet. They still have some more problem solving to do I hope you all enjoyed the progressions tonight its getting good. Im enjoying myself.

Imma take a pause and come back tomorrow morning with the Writers Journey I have class in the morning well see what they asking for I hope its not too much work. I have catching up to do in my Craft.welp imma TTYL弘

毋漎The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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