October 25,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello, my Nerves is bad today I worked a little on Shanti until my anxiety went through the roof earlier today . I imma leave it there . What I will do is tell you how far I got into the story and where I was trying to take it.

Working On WIPS: (RaVous is a fictional place I made set in Ghana that means its Fake and Dont Exist Please Dont judge me too harshly the whole story is fiction fiction is fake.Shanti: Princess of the Savannas is a Shapeshifter Sci Fi Novel its the way I think Shapeshifters to be. Like theres the movie Werewolf of London or Dracula how he turns into a bat or that movie Twilight ) Tomias is trying to get the business card From the General and Shanti is rushing him saying she hungry. Shes dragging him away from the General but not before he gets his business card. Tomias takes the Generals directions to get to the marketplace to his cousins restaurant Queens Restaurant & Cafe. And just like the General tells him he ran right into it going East . Both their mouth dropped because it looked out of place like a mall would look in Gretna. And they found Queens Restaurant & Cafe and his cousin was outside greeting people welcoming them into her establishment. Fifi screamed out King !!!! King Tomias is here Momma. Tomias is here!!! Tomias is king to his tribe which Lions is his dominant animal he transform into he can also change into a Savanna and other animals to be mentioned. Which makes him a wonderful protector of the Savannas Fifi squeals and says Princess Shanti I know that isnt you? Grabbing her and hugging her to death. You have grown into a woman. Have you been keeping the King in check? Me know, how men can be? Shanti says, Aye!!! You know him better than I do I just Pulled Him away from the General. And Im Hungry he knows that.

Fifi looks concerned, Dear King why are you here? Why you go mess with the General for? He has business to do.

And imma stop there because Im actually recording here first rather than long hand so imma have to long hand this later.earlier was a no go. But I wanted to have something for yall its not much but its some progression. Would have really gone further if I wouldnt used my time carelessly. And letting stuff that has nothing to do with me bother my spirit. Which things sure will infiltrate then you have to recharge and revamp your whole being. Just need to focus on the worlds and characters in my head and my world Ill be able to cope in.

Have a Blessed Night my energy comes from yall Bless yall I hope yall had a great day and cranked out the dopest WIPS ever. 予TTYLKings& Queens 漎毋均

毋漎The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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