October 23,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello 弘 Today was a half an half day. I worked on Shanti but not as much as I should have. Tomorrow will be better Im starting as soon as the Arch Angels cut on the lights. Narcoleptic me been sleep most the day Ill be up most the night maybe.

Working On WIPS: I typed up part of chapter one not enough to be proud about maybe 160 words then I stopped for the day喫弗. Nothing to be shouting about. My sugars may have been low all day I didnt eat anything till 6 pm all day. And I should have. I need to do better.

Tomorrow Ill type and write and work on Shanti from when the sun comes up. Then take a break at noon have a tuna sandwich sugar free lemonade should be fulfilling. I should be ready to conquer the Unwanteds(the Sandman) tomorrow I have a plan.

Welp imma TTYL Im spent.sorry content not that interesting tonight if I was in better spirits could of had content from Shanti. Youll have it tomorrow hopefully. Remember Tomias and Shanti on their way to Queens Restaurant & Cafe Tomias cousin Establishment in the upgraded marketplace in RaVous Village. So get ready for that予

Imma TTYL Kings and Queens get ready for tomorrow full surprise. Later yall 漎手

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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