October 21,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello everyone 弘 tonight was productive Im sleepy so imma be quick tonight with progressions.

Working On WIPS: Tomias and Shanti trying to come to a understanding with the General. The General let it be known hes from Nebraska Gretna to be exact reminded them he saved their lives. And they came to a fair agreement. The King will get his property back and then some free of charge for working with government on rebuilding RaVous Village. Hes in charge of getting Refugees back to RaVous when the rebuild is complete. Which will be a full 3-4 years away. The King and the Refugees want relief right now. The Refugees will need to buy property again and rebuild brand new homes up to the UN standards. The UN bringing RaVous Village into the 21 st century and they started with a Shopping Center/ Marketplace. It looks like a mirage where its sitting but its very much real. Shanti and Tomias thought the new and improved RaVous was worth what the villagers would have to pay. The main thing they were reassured was the King will still be the King if he follows the UNs lead. Shanti knows hes gonna have opposing thoughts on that. Tomias, Shanti and the General exchange business cards and Tomias made sure he got the contractor number thats rebuilding the Village/RaVous City. He looked and saw hes from West Omaha. He made a mental note to take the King to Pauls (the contractors) office first thing when they get back to the states Shanti and Tomias left the UN in search of the Shopping Center Tomias Cousin owns a restaurant called Queens Restaurant & Cafe . He needed to talk to her and see how the UN was treating her and her establishment. And I Stopped here for the day. I try and stop on the high notes so Im energized with the content.

If you want to follow Shanti from its beginning read the Preface on the Authors Page then go to Post Archives October 2,2021 Just Write Mo and The Happenings On Hump Day is where Im starting content for Shanti.Check all Just Write Mos I might have part of the story on The Writers Journey too I dont remember read everything from October 2nd and beyond that would make me happy 弘

Menu At Ninths: I made shrimp today and they were fried / seasoned to perfection I love it. tomorrow imma make tuna fish salad I should have made it today but I totally forgot about it. Imma make tuna melts hopefully my aunt still have some vegan Mayo. We will see.

Medic At Ninths: Toe still sore all that pain not bleeding and not broken might as well be though with the pain.

News at Ninths: police sirens every night like clock work might as well be going pass my house so close all night long the sirens pisses me off. But I rather have the blasted sirens than the gunshots. Any day !!! I guess this is apart of inner city living. The only living I know, for now? Maybe all my dreams will come true and things will be positively different. I havent given up yet.

Welp imma end this post my friends and HeartBeats. I hope yall cranked out some dope content today. I hope your Nanowrimo Prepping is coming along fantastic. It will be here in no time. Get your rewards for the days you write. Have your go tos ready to get you back on track because your gonna need all the motivation and inspiration you can get to write everyday if your not already on that level. Some people can eat Nanowrimo up like its McDonalds McChicken and Biscuit and leave no crumbs behind. Professional Artist killing the Game out here. I yearn to have a third of their work ethic. If I could schedule 3 days a week and stick to those 3 days writing I would be Official. Im working on it. Welp imma TTYL Ill be up early morning doing my classes then theres a break for a few days. Talk to yall later Kings and Queens Love Yall. Hugs .

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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