October 19,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello 弘 I wrote mo today戊戊

Working On WIPS: I worked on Shanti today I didnt get very far in the story but I got Shanti waking up getting dressed sharing a fat juicy mango 平 with her Grandma and Pop Pop (Savannas)they ate more of it than she did. Still hungry she ask Tomias whos coordinating with her Gray black and white outfit what he planned on eating. He said his cousin in Town still ran a restaurant and he planned on grabbing a meal there while shifting Sir Williams brand new clutch on his vintage Impeccable Jeep.

He got his mouth ready for Jollof Rice and Fried Fish . Shanti remembers who his cousin is from years ago. She makes the best Fufu and Goat Soup in Ghana . Hands Down . You gonna drive faster so we can get there quicker Tomias? My stomach is touching my back. PopPop and Grandma barely let me have my mango. Atleast you got something Tomias said while his stomach talked back to them. Tomias insisted that hes going as fast as he can being safe on the bumpy dirt road they got 20 minutes to get to town. Enough time to have a game plan on what needs to happen only if they knew 50% of the info they looking for is right at Tomias cousin Restaurant the other 50% is at the U.N. Tomias had no choice but to take the scenic route. A bomb νad been dropped on every other structure he stopped as Shanti took pictures and video to send to the King. The King is having a conniption and mental and physical Breakdown. 20 minutes turned into an hour and they are both starving into the mid afternoon Tomias pulled up to Queens Restaurant & Cafe one of a few structures spared in the war. This is as far as Ive gotten. I think the story is coming along well. 弘I love it.

It felt good to write and work on Craft today everyday needs to be like this why it doesnt work that way is beyond me ?

School At Ninths: tomorrow classes start back up. Imma be up early I pray working on Assignments Two Different classes. We gonna see where these classes take me in my WIP.

Medic At Ninths: I stubbed my pinky Toe and broke a nail what in the world going on? It made me clip the rest of my nails on the same foot but too late the pain is throbbing to the rest of my toes. And I stubbed it earlier in the day its still hurting imma need to take some pain pills .

On the Agenda:It feels good making this post. Very productive day. I love it. 弘 Tomorrow imma get up at 2-3 am so I can work on Assignments. Then during the day I can work on Shanti.

Welp my dearest Friends and HeartBeats imma take a pause I should be back with the Writers Journey for early morning post after School work. We will See. Imma TTYL Hugs Kings and Queens .

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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