October 16,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello Friends and HeartBeats Ive been watching Conference all day today have came and went so fast and Ive grown tired after Ive cooked ate and washed dishes. But whats on my mind is one of the Writing Gals Classes. It was a class basically letting you know its okay that you dont write everyday. She said whether it takes 3 months or 3 years you do what makes you happy and able to function and I feel shes talking to me and my muse. Her name is Anne-Marie I think. Shes awesome. And I watched a lady that talked about Bookbub I think. Im actually thinking about releasing on Book Sprout when the time comes and Ill get reviews I hope I can release and it can be a Freebie too. I might have to make it 99 cents -1.99 I dont know. I just want to get my story out to the masses. I didnt have much luck with the Freebie I put out on Smashwords I wish it did better. Maybe a different platform will work. I think Book Sprout make readers read and review books before they can get to the next read. Which I think is fair. It means a lot to the author to get anyone to read your work. Thats enough of that Ill start Ranting I dont want to do that. Heck I cant say too much the Freebie wasnt a full novel or anything it was just something I decided to do to get my feet wet and my feet came back bone dry maybe dry to damp I think maybe a few viewed it. I dont know. I think Book Sprouts will do me justice.

My stomach is hurting so imma cut it short I may work on Shanti tonight I dont know Conference got me motivated. Just made my tea concoction again to give me energy I was feeling ready to go to sleep maybe in a few so I can get up with the Writers Journey yall might get a Just Write Mo#2 tonight if I write.

Welp imma TTYL dearest friends and HeartBeats enjoy your evening Bless yall 弘

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