October 14,2021 Just Write Mo 

Hello Hello I have some good news my plumbing is working again 確hank the Almighty . Also I signed up for too many classes they are overlapping so now as of yesterday Im in 2 different classes Im overwhelmed already what am I doing? 仄 I worked on Shanti a little and its coming along very well.

Working On WIPS: Shanti wakes up to fried potatoes and a Savanna Cat laying next to her but when she gets up the Savanna Cat go into Tomias room. And Shanti goes into the kitchen and sees her Grandmother laying next to her Grandpa so she knew the Savanna in her room was Tomias. Her heart was full but she doesnt want to let on about it. She wants to but mature about the relationship that they share. But on the inside she squealing shes so happy. Tomias (as a human) comes out his room like hes been sleep in his own room all night and he hasnt and Shanti knew. He greets everyone Shanti kept her cool by saying whats on the agenda for the day. They need to go view the village and go to the UN to get the land/ animals protected and see if they can contact the people whos buying out the villagers property. This is where I stopped round about.

I hope yall are enjoying the Just Write Mos Im enjoying writing the story.

Im worried about these overlapping classes I guess Ill continue to get up early to work on Assignments that gives me more time with Shanti.

Imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey after I do my Assignments Imma TTYL 弘漎h

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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