October 13,2021📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 I’m up early with the birds possibly Phoenix’s or Raven’s 🦉🦅to get the good grub. I want the meat and potatoes.😋

School At Ninths: I have done my assignment already and it’s not even 5am yet. It was over Descriptive writing I have no issues with that. Pretty easy I passed my quiz 100%. 🤩🤓 now I have 2 full days to fully focus on Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s.

Going to Conference: The WritingGals conference starts today but I think imma wait to attend most of it gonna be on Facebook and I don’t deal with Facebook hopefully they put some of the content on the Site. Would be nice to do writing sprints even if it’s after they have recorded it. Looking forward to learning fresh and new info. I can’t wait 🤩🤓

Weather At Ninths: It’s storming and I’m praying 🙏🏽 that my electric don’t go out. It’s been lightning and thundering and blowing rain and hail basically Cutting Up outside. Just praying the electric stays on can’t go 4-5 days no electric again. That was a scandal🤨😕

Welp imma take a pause and come back with the HeartBeats later today either the HeartBeats or Just Write Mo will be up later we will see . I want to dive into Shanti then comeback with some content for y’all. Have a beautiful morning drink y’all’s coffee concoctions have a pastry or some toast and honey or Jam spread. Imma TTYL🥰💗⛈🌩🌧🌦🦉🦅🪱🐛💚🐢✌🏼

🤎🦉The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🦉🤎

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