October 11, 2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello Hello 弘 Ive had a relaxing day.

Menu At Ninths: I made a veggie wrap for lunch better than a restaurant full of flavor .

Working On WIPS: Today Shanti secret is out that she has fell in love with Tomias. Sir William even felt awkward from her advances towards Tomias. Tomias put her on blast said shes the one overheating 扔. Shanti got mad and said the conversation they were gonna have can wait till the morning basically because she decides to go to sleep after Tomias changes back into his human body after realizing Shanti wanted to groom him and hold him as hes a Savanna Cat and shes Human. He got up and went to his room and changed back quick. Sir William chuckled at their relationship and realizing Shanti a Adult now she can be with who she wants. How will the King react is the question? This is where I stopped today.

I hope yall enjoying the progression. I have a strategy as long as I stick to it this story will be great.予

Imma take a Pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey mostly likely, hopefully if I wake up early to take my pill and drops. It just depends if I get up. Today was a grandiose day. I want yall to have a safe quiet relaxing Evening Bless yall.確TYL弘漎予

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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