October 10,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello Hello Friends and HeartBeats Today have been a great day to work on craft. I hit a goal today. And Im happy about it. 予

Working On WIPS: the progression of the story went without a hitch today. Shanti and her Grandmother (An Onyx Savanna cat) is getting acquainted. Her grandmother is getting her bathing supplies ready for Shanti. Including a African print light weight rayan muumuu. That use to be hers in her human body ( past life) Shanti gets undressed opens the window blinds because she feels closed in and sees a Pride of Lions she tensed up with fear and her Grandmother came to her aid telepathically. She Asked Shanti what she was afraid of told her no need to be afraid that they were Tomias family and that hes probably out there with them. Close the blinds my child you showing all your business. Shanti covered herself with a towel and hurried to shut the blind. Tomias grandmother (a lioness) said turn your head Tomias thats the Princess, Tomias grandfather ( male lion leader of the Pride) huffed and said listen to your grandmother son let the Princess have her Privacy. Tomias said shes a beauty. He explains what the Princess put him through with the come ons she was throwing at him. And that he held himself back from jumping her bones on the plane. Tomias Grandfather said I know you Tomias it wasnt hard at all you are Professional you do your job to Tee. No matter whats thrown at you dont budge. Shes Not Ready, Tomias grandmother told him to morph into a Savanna and so he did glowing in the moonlight and after the glow went away he was the biggest Onyx Savannas Cat with black on black spots Sir William or Shanti have ever Seen. He enters the house and Sir William ask with an attitude using his Telepathy Whos is this freely walking through my home? Dearest William Its me Tomias Shanti almost dropped the food she was eating on the kitchen floor. She Thought Tomias was the most beautiful Savanna she seen outside of seeing her parents long ago. Shes forgot a lot even forgot herself that she can morph. But into what? Tomias you keep your paws off my Grandbaby shes not ready yet. The Queen hissed at Tomias ( Shanti Grandmother aka Onyx Savanna) Tomias explains He wants to show her how she can morph like them. Thats up to her who she wants to help her. Shanti said stop fussing over me and takes Tomias into the sitting area to talk about how he morphed and hes still alive. She was confused and thats more power than she can even imagine.

This is where I stopped the story. Tomias just morphed twice Shanti Ancestor Grandmother Father and Uncle mother Highly Over Protective. Shanti is curious about morphing and shes falling deeper for Tomias as the second goes by. and they havent been in Ghana 24 hours yet and Shanti mind is blown 仁.

Tomorrow on Chapter 2 of Shanti: Princess of the Savannas Get Ready!!!!予

I hope you guys and gals enjoy my Just Write Mos Im trying to keep it fresh and new. imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the Writers Journey or the HeartBeats depends how early I get up. Imma TTYL enjoy yall evening.弘予

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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