October 8,2021 Just Write Mo

Good evening 弘 I have a little bit to say this evening on Shanti.

Working On WIPS: the cabbie gets Tomias and Shanti to Sir Willie Beautiful Compound. They pull up and its 10 Savanna Cats outside waiting. Tomias told the cabbie to stay in the vehicle while he gets their luggage out the trunk. The cabbie freaks out when one of the Savannas Shanti Paternal mother comes inside the car to greet Shanti her grandmother asking her is she in heat have she been mating says shes too young to be a great grandmother . Shes in animal form speaking Telepathically. Shanti uncomfortable about talking about her personal body functions. Tells her ancestors to stop sniffing her backside. And screams no shes not in heat. Her grandmother said you will be my child . Thats as far as Ive gone today

Today I finished my class early this morning no The HeartBeats today. May be a early early post for The Writers Journey. We Will See.

Imma TTYL friends and HeartBeats . Have a beautiful quiet safe evening. 弘漎T

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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