October 7,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello弘 today I didnt think I would work on Craft today but I did. I got them on the way to Williams compound the cabbie is from the same village and he treats Shanti like the royalty she is. But he did try them. He tried to get a 10 dollar ride for 40 dollars until Shanti revealed who she was. He insisted on being their transportation while they are in Ghana. They fictional village is called RaVoux Village this is a little back story. But needs to be said lots of business and local government talk in the near future. Right now they almost made it to Sir Williams Compound. And its gotten dark and its pitch black in the middle of the Savannas. Thats where I left Off.

To Be Continued色.

You have to excuse me with my shortness tonight. Im agitated I just need to sleep it off. Bless It. May it quiet down soon. Amen . Welp . Imma Talk To yall early morning with the Writers Journey early early morning Ill take my pill and speak to yall waiting till I have my coffee concoction tomorrow. We will see how it goes. TTYL 弘T

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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