October 5,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello Hello everyone 弘 Today has been beautiful. I want to know have yall ever ate something that brings back a flood of childhood memories and I feel like Im back to adolescence now knowing Im grown. My Cabbage potato dish taste like my mother made it. Ive been cooking all day. My aunt loved it made some Cornbread too. dish so good make you tap your foot I aint slapping my momma she been gone 2 years I still wont joke and say that. Shell still find a way to beat me down LOL but it was really delicious

Working on WIPS: Still dont have Shanti and Tomias out of JFK just yet they just boarded the plane and sitting in First Class. The King Spared no cost. They have 9-10 hour flight straight to Accra,Ghana no stops. Such a big plane for very few people on the flight. But while waiting for the plane they had to switch Gates and they were in a heated discussion Shanti was trying to come on to Tomias asking him personal questions about his love life Tomias got frustrated with her and told her he missed the announcement on their Gate and stormed off without answering her questions which left him confused.Shanti thinking to herself, what will I have to do to get him to notice me? Tomias boards the aircraft with Shanti and their carry ons and hes not as naive as He leads on to be he knows exactly what Shanti is trying to do. And hes trying to keep his distance because the King would have him fed to the Savannas while hes in Ghana. So he has to be cool . But he cares for Princess Shanti too. * This is as far as I got* Hope yall are enjoying the Progression of the story. They still at JFK Tomorrow they will be in the air on their way. Shanti wont know how to fight back her lustful thinking and Tomias trying hold back his urges not to give in to Shanti and her Beauty. We will see their conversations tomorrow.

School at Ninths: Tomorrow is a school day I hope the assignment is work on WIPS I wish this outline wasnt taking me forever and a day but that is okay Just means its gonna have a sturdy foundation.

Welp imma TTYL Family and Friends I hope you enjoyed Just Write Mo Tonight. I may be back early early morning with The Writers Journey we will see. enjoy the writing prompts enjoy your nightT

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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