October 4,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello,Hello There弘予 Earlier I Mentioned JIVA! I ended up watching all five episodes today and it was Fire . I cant wait till the new shows ready for view And I Worked On Shanti. I just need to Start Earlier tomorrow will be ideal I just have one daily to do then Shanti better Get Ready For Me!!!!予

Working On WIPS: Today when writing I tried to be as realistic as possible so Shanti and Tomias made it on the plane after Shanti claustrophobia episode after shes on the plane awhile she starts to get over her fears. Tomias is happy because he was worried he may have to carry her on his back when they land in Ghana. Shanti jokes and says shes not going to climb on to his old bones. Tomias gets upset and reminds Shanti they only 10 years apart and hes demanding a apology. Shanti laughs and refuses. They fly into JFK and its a Big Storm . The flight attendants informed them if they were flying back out it will be a layover. Now I have Shanti and Tomias on a layover at JFK eating Chinese Take Out at there Gate waiting to board 儭. And thats where I left off round about.

I wanted to make it to Ghana but ran out of time yall know I shuts things down after a certain hour. I need to start earlier my daylights are shorter. Not happy about it. Dear Heaven Lets Negotiate Earths Electric we need our Lights On. 儭.

Welp I may be back early morning with the Writers Journey. So get ready. Dont know whats on that agenda but we will see what happens. Imma TTYL my Friends and HeartBeats Family 弘乒儭樹h

領儭The Ninth Poetess,LLC 領儭

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