October 2,2021 Just Write Mo

Good evening everyone 弘弗T樹 I started Late Today But Ive been brainstorming all day how imma start Shanti:Princess of the Savannas off. And its entertaining how Im starting it off.

Working On WIPS:First off Tomias is fussing in his thick Ghanaian accent about the cost of Parking at the airport. Shanti is busy telling him to stop being so cheap its expected. Hes starts fussing under his breath. Tomias and Shanti gets all the way to the plane to board it Shanti starts melting down into heavy panic attacks. Shes claustrophobic. So Tomias had to take her and the carry ons on the plane in a wheelchair. Tomias gets Shanti on the Plane 儭 barely. Tomias tells Shanti they have a long way to go and that shes gonna have to get over it. Shanti insist that she can walk back to Ghana from Omaha. Tomias looked confused and told Shanti go ahead hell meet her at the port in Ghana. And started smiling and laughing at her.

This is as far as Ive got today in the Outline like I said I started late. Tomorrow is gonna be a thrill. Im having fun with developing their personalities.

Menu at Ninths: Tomorrow imma have leftover veggie fried rice and saut矇ed Shrimp that I whip up. With onions. They were skimpy with the onions. Why is that? Like the onions expensive or something . Ill make my cabbage dish during the week.

Welp I hope you enjoyed todays Just Write Mo Ill try and keep yall in the loop with the story progression. Imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey if Im up this early early morning. Bless yall night. May our nights be quiet and safe and peaceful always. Amen TTYL弘T

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

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