September 29,2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story

Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s/ Preface


Daddy came and woke me up one late night. He was very angry, but not at me. Soldiers were in our home, telling us we needed to leave immediately. All my parents were saying, But why? But why Officier? They never gave them an answer. We ended up becoming refugees and fled to the United States. Lots of us from our Village ended up in the Middle of the Map, Omaha. My parents became interpreters for those who didnt speak English.  This is how they both made a living for the family. They thought it would be good to start a Non-Profit for refugees and unemployed people.  But mainly they started the Non-Profit to be a safe place for our Villagers to gather and speak upon our grievances.  As we all did every Monday, after hours and Mondays the Office was closed to the public anyways. They would have to turn people away. Dads name is  Komi and Mom name is Ama. But everyone out of respect called them Dada Komi and Moma Ama. They are the rulers over the Village back home in Ghana. Our home isnt like what we use to. We had a gated  Mansion  and drivers Not now. We live in a small flat on the Northside of the O. Ive been getting Home schooled by my mother or maybe we both in school learning something and Im teaching my mom something. Both will suffice. We did studies early morning and she reminded me we need to go to the office for the meeting so she told me to wear something comfortable its going to be a long day.  Every meeting starts off with Prayer to the Almighty. Then the cussing and the confusion comes. Dad stays on the phone with William who is his brother but hes not an heir to the throne. He says he doesnt want that responsibility all the time to my father and my father jokes with him and says he doesnt want it either and they laugh about it. They talk about the Ghanian government and whats happening to the land and the animals on the land my father wants the Village to be protected by government. But now, developers that want to come in and buy the land and have their way slaughtering the animals and people of the village community. And finding and taking the village magical resources.Yes thats right, I said magical. Its a metal that acts as a battery and charges your body and gives you powers to change into animals that chose you. Your bones becomes the metal and the metal becomes your shield.  And when your human body dies you change into the animal that chose you and live forever. So far our family, the Royal Family  we turn into the Savannas cats . And Uncle William has our ancestors as Savannas Cats living with him in Ghana. So when he calls he talks alot about the Savannas. He says, THEY TAKING OVER!! Dada tell him all the time, Take care of them like they took care of us when they could and still will I heard Dada ask Uncle, Is it safe to come back home?  Uncle must of said the Gangs done took over the home we left behind and the government not thinking about the village right now they thinking about eradicating the gangs and power groups. And so far that he knows no one have found our magical secret cavern. Dada was horrified. Asking who are are these people that stay in my home?  They must leave. All Dada protection, and security became refugees as well. Uncle is one in a few that stayed behind when all spoiled around them. 

Uncle told  him, calm down and just take note and tell the villagers whats happening. Focus on what you have now and be happy you are safe and established there. If it gets too bad I may have to leave our ancestors to protect the cavern and come to the Americas. 

Dear brother, please do not say that. Our ancestors need you.

Dear brother, I need Me. Thats the whole issue. I want to only think about myself for a change. Our ancestors more than capable of protecting and taking care of themselves they eating better than I am and I aint feeding them  nothing. Its a scandal.

Shanti go get your shoes and your jacket our ride will be here in 10 minutes.

Do I have to go? I want to stay home Moma!!

No you too young and the villagers will be asking for you, Princess Shanti.You have a role to play just like your dad and I and its time you realize that. You want to be grown step up and be your royal self then. Now fix your face and get that box of pamphlets we passing out tonight. 

I grab the box and follow behind my mom and my dad behind me.

Shanti fix your shoes and stop walking on the heels . those shoes arent for free. As he Locked up our flat.

Yes Dada.

I feel like Im getting chewed out left and right today.

I got in the back of the Big Black SUV, Dada sat up front with Tomias, my Dada’s right hand. 

`Chale, King Komi Im ready to hear tonight’s news. Im worried about my house and land. 

Tomias you not gonna like what Imma say tonight. Just hold out asking me questions and wait  for our session tonight. 

Come on Komi, you can say something I’m curious as well,The Queen asked hoping to get some answers. How’s William?

Just be patient, my precious Queen. Let’s just ride in silence till we get to the office.

The four of us were quiet as a field mouse in the SUV riding to Midtown to the Office When the King says be quiet, it’s as good as done yesterday. Now let me fix my shoes  before I get out of this Shuttle or my dada gonna have my tail.

We finally make it to the office the Villagers were waiting outside for us like we was late. We was 30 minutes early, like every Monday, to setup the room with chairs. As my parents greet the villagers coming into the Office I’m setting up chairs, and as fast I’m setting them out they are filling up. I have never seen it so full on a Monday afternoon. What is Dada gonna talk about tonight?  Even though I am only 13 years old I comprehend a lot and I’m waiting with everyone else to find out whats going on in Ghana. It’s been a year since weve been gone. People still don’t know what happened. We woke up in Ghana one Thursday Morning By Friday afternoon we were on an airplane coming to America. Thanks to the UN. Tomias started helping sit chairs up and asked me,

Princess Shanti, Do you have a clue as to whats the Kings gonna say tonight? Im worried for my ancestors ?

Tomias I dont know? You have to wait just like the rest of us. He hasnt told me or my Mother either.

The clock striked 4 pm and the blinds were shut and the doors  were guarded  for protection like we were still in Ghana just in case the war followed us to America.Dada still had a few foot soldiers that followed us here. On request to the UN.  The UN basically gave my father anything he asked for. Wish they gave him all the riches and land he lost. Yet we in a 2 story flat that we have our security living nextdoor sharing the same roof. How convenient?  

I grabbed a chair and sat myself down with everyone else. My Dada got up to the podium and my Mum watching from the front row in confusion with everyone else hoping  just maybe we can go back home to our luxuries. She will soon be let down with the rest of us.

`Chale My people. Today I have some not so great news on this great day today. The Kings brother, my William informed of me some very bad news.  He says the gangs have taken over the entire Village and the only reason why hes not affected by the gangs is that he stay outside of the Village in the Savannas  . They are living in our homes taken over our possessions. Ive heard the leader is staying in my mansion on my land. And they are doing the same to your homes and land as well.  Where do these gangs come from? Are they Ghanaian? I do not know? The UN knows and they are handling it. But let me tell you something, my dear people. The UN would rather we stay here and seek out a life  here. They do not want to fight if they do not have too. But, they have to. Its our lineage and ancestors at stake. We are Africa to the fullest! This foreign land  is temporary.  Africa is forever!

The Villagers got up and started chanting the Kings Name. Like, they all going to war. And maybe they should.  But they cant do no more than what the UN gonna do to get the gangs off the land and they have do some tearing up and wrecking the Village first to get the blasted bastards out. Will it be a Village left to go back too is the Honest Question? 

Shanti has never seen her Dada so astound and masculine and also shown himself as vulnerable at the same time. And saw that her mother was a emotional wreck hearing the news with everyone else. She worried about the Secret Place and our Ancestors she just couldnt take anymore. Shanti looked over and saw her Mum losing it she hurried over to her with tissues off the receptionist desk and held her mum.

Mum, its gonna be okay. I promise they won’t find it.

Shanti grew up 7 years  just from the gesture. Her Dada Stood at the podium shaking the hands of the villagers and hugging them and he looked over to his wife wishing he could console her and proud of his 13 year old daughter that stepped up to aid his Queen. 

Princess Shanti, gonna be the strongest Queen the World  have ever seen, the King recorded in his mental bank.

He s gonna have to include her more in the happenings of the kingdom. 

Eight years passed and the war in our Ghanaian Village left it unlivable and Majority of us decided to stay in the Americas. Some left America and moved to the U.K. But the government that was on our side won and we could go back to our land if we wanted too. They burned our home and blew up our vehicles  trying to get the leader of the Gang out and capture him. He ends up killing himself once he knew they had him.  They never found the Secret Place just like I promised Moma. Rest her beautiful Soul. She died of Sickle Cell Anemia. Dada still blaming the American cuisine and saying,

  If we was home in Africa your Mum would be alive with the ancestors. 

Im Twenty-One years old now and Dada wants me to make a business trip back to Ghana. Uncle William say hes been propositioned to sell the Village and other Villagers that went back to the Village sold their land to leave the country again and go to the U.K.  The Villagers Hated the States in how they were treated by outsiders, the locals. Dada tried to smooth things over the best he could with different programs and having meetings every Monday to vent frustrations and get the help they needed through out the week. Its about 25 of us that show up faithfully to Monday Meetings and thats including me and Dada. Tonight we talking about my trip that Im leaving on Thursday Morning and getting there Friday afternoon.  I hate planes. Thats all thats on my mind. Dada going over what Uncle Will told him last week. How the Villagers sold their land and Jump ship to the UK. 

King Komi, What do you mean they sold their land? To whom? Who is stealing our property? one of the security asked in confusion.

Dont fret, Princess Shanti is going to resolve this issue very soon. 

Ive spent my life protecting the Secret/ Hidden Place. And I’m not going to let some Slime Ball come in and put the Squeeze on our people. Probably not giving the villagers what the land is worth in the first place. They take it because it’s easy money. And they want to leave in the first place. 

Shanti, do you have something to tell the people tonight? the King asked, wiping his brow.

Yes Dada, When I get there Imma inspect the land and see the damage that has been done over the years first and then Imma arrange a meeting with the developers and see exactly why they are so interested in the land. Then Imma go to the UN and see if we can get our village protected under government for people and animals and land because all 3 are one.  The only thing is our secret won’t be secret no more. But we will be protected. Any Questions?

The villagers erupted with questions and spoke over each other. The security was louder than everyone.

That’s dangerous, they will definitely slaughter our ancestors and take our secrets and have their way with it! No way that can happen!!

I’m sorry to tell you, its already happening with or without me saying something. If I stand up for all of us just maybe, we will save our Secret from being exploited amongst the masses.

I must go with you, Tomias insisted and looked to the King for permission.   

It was set. The King made a way for Tomias to join Shanti on the trip. Shanti was happy about it. She liked Tomias. They always got along and they were kind of close in age. Ten years apart. Close enough to be peers.  But far enough for Tomias to watch Shanti grow up into the woman she is today.  

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

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