September 22,2021 The HeartBeats💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓🐢🍳🥔🌶👩🏽‍🍳💛🤩✌🏼

Top of the morning HeartBeats and Friends 🥰.How are y’all this morning? Happy First Day of Fall. Where did the summer go? Even though summer seemed to be here a long time because of the uptick in violent crime and natural disasters across the nation, Heck maybe the world. Maybe things will get better for the people across the world. Today imma have a bowl of berry crunch mix knock off brand, I don’t even know the real name of it, I guess I should look🙄 I was super drained and tired last night did not get up to write ✍🏾 I wish I did though. I have knew lessons today. If they don’t take too long I’ll go back and do my exercise I missed yesterday . I cooked firecracker potatoes yesterday and eggs 🍳 it banged I have leftovers imma whip up at lunch maybe I can find some Vegan Sausage to go with.

Imma Journal before School today. It helps my spirit to not hold in my frustrations. I don’t talk to many at home. But I talk to the World. Y’all are my listening ear when no one else there and I thank y’all Bless y’all.

School At Ninths: Today it’s literary devices we going over I hope it’s not too many sections so I can work on yesterdays Activity. Had a activity that asked you to go on a road trip to get inspired to write that’s a no go 🙅 in these Covid Days and Ages.

Imma get up and go make my bowl of cereal can’t think straight I’m so hungry. It is Hump Day so 🐪🐫The Happenings of Hump Day 🐪🐫will be posted later for the Most Part I’m jam packed with things to do today🤓🤩.

Bless y’all. Have a beautiful day today💛☀️Crank out some dope WIPS Have Fun on The Site I’ll TTYL 🥰💛✌🏼

🐪 The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐪

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