September 20,2021 Just Write Mo

Greetings弘 this afternoon was fun I worked on my studies, activities was to do Mapping and vision boards for your Topic in my case my Title/ Shanti: Princess Of The Savannas So I mapped the story today it helped me out with my Preface. Then i made a vision board for the four main characters in the story so I have Pictures of my characters just need to come up with Characters Profiles.

This information is probably for The Writers Journey but I need some prayers to go up for my mentor and best friend and her family she caught Covid. The Dang Unwanted got to my friend. 互I hate this Covid Ish. 互

Tomorrow Im on section 2 lesson 3 then Wednesday Section 3 Lesson 1 Wednesday the start of Fall starting to get colder and seems like its dark 24/24. Also Blood& Water new series hits the streets this Friday I cant wait Im gonna get nothing done I may have to wait and watch it Sunday the Agony, I might not make till then if section 3 is Short Ill be watching Friday or Saturday eyeballs glued to TV set , Im binging Shadow and Bone I want to feel the fantasy world and the special effects in this series is awesome 予 and its a timeless historical piece. Perfection.

Welp imma start my evening I had a long day I may get up later and listen to some influencers on craft depends how I feel right now my anxiety is up sky high I just need to detox my surroundings the few hour I get each day aint enough. Thank Goodness for headphones (they dont always work) I need a pill that cancels noise that would be nice 弘 so imma TTYL Friends and HeartBeats 弘弗

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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