September 18,2021 Just Write Mo

Greetings弘 my day has been refreshing. And Ive learned how to mesh my new novel Im working on into the activities and assignment.

First To Hear It Here: New novel Title is: ( Shanti: Princess of the Savannas) As you know this new story is set in Africa. And I think I want it Set in either Ghana or Togo. Im trying to decided I havent been to either country and I dont know what would be determining factors. I guess which ever still have savannas or had savannas Im talking about land and animal 漎漎 I just have more research to do this is a Shape Shifter Novel and theres folklore thats shape shifters in Africa is Gigantic Spiders. My story shapeshifters turn into Savanna Cats and All Animals and the Protagonist is Princess of the village and land that they all own and they all in this village can Shapeshift its a interesting story Ill post one day the Preface on Possibly Poetry Or Short Story later.弘

Ive been googling Shapeshifter /Africa and came up with Anansi the god All of Stories and he takes the image of a Spider I looked it all the way up because some folklore is scary. aint that something if hes my Muse Fairy. They say to call your Muse your Fairy WOW that Deep Rooted in my Spirit and Im scared of spiders in real life I cant. But I must朮樹? Anansi is a Two edge sword儭 . Some say hes problematic and some say he A Teacher. If he Visiting me in spirit I hope he stays my teacher 劾賤恫 im sensitive to spirit like Ive said before. So this awareness all of the sudden could actually be ancestors trying to guide my imagination for my craft. Who know whats going on. Its too close for comfort to be afraid now. Whatever it is imma have to take it for what it is朮 while bracing myself Protect me and my aunt Almighty Hopefully its nothing to be afraid of.

My nerves Bad ASH tonight taking me 4-5 hours to finish this post. Imma call it a night Ive gotten sleepy I may be up early early morning and Ill fill yall in to what my day will bring. My off day tomorrow but I may work through it imma take a pause and TTYL Friends and HeartBeats Family 弘予

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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