September 16,2021 Just WriteMo

Greetings弘 I actually finished a assignment and tomorrow Ill have another one Imma start my with my preface and Outline to the Shapeshifter novel tomorrow I should finish Enaji-O but Ill get to it eventually. it just seems right to start from scratch in this project assignment.

I spent time Talking about The Writing Gals on Twitter and they have been having some awesome segments on the craft of writing. YouTube: September 2,2021 When To Reset spoke to my spirit I feel I have been working on my Reset for 2-3 days but Ive been ready for months. Writing Gals Conference October 13-16 2021Virtual Right now Im trying to figure out whats the link to the conference when I find out Ill post.

Welp imma take a pause and talk with some People and see if I can find out when the conference link gonna be released. Bless yall tonight Dont be Afraid to Reset everyone its like shedding skin. Its okay. Welp Imma TTYL I might be back later with the Writers Journey. TTYL弘

The Ninth Poetess , LLC

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