September 14,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2📖✍🏾

Greetings again. They released my family from the hospital tonight they was just dehydrated tomorrow may be agitating or it may be quiet. I’m praying for quiet please Almighty. My nerves can’t take it I’ll hold in my scream and say some stuff I don’t mean under my breath I’m just frustrated with life I just need to live on my own away from others. I can’t live in a basement or middle apartment walking above my head is a no go. The pacing drives me out my skin. Love my family I need my space though. And I’m not Particularly ready for the move neither are they so it’s just hard right now. I haven’t even mentioned my plans. I’m just hoping each day gets bearable don’t make me love them less it’s just time to separate. Can’t live next to a loud individual actually I’m scared to move circumstances could be worse than it already is I’m just praying everyday is peaceful it hasn’t been too bad but then again I’m sleeping through my days which isn’t healthy but maybe it is🤔🙄🥱 this is the Journey of this Writer. Not sugar coating it. Just trying to live. And when I Write I Live Life. Can’t live if I’m sleeping my frustrations away to avoid my real intentions ( Moving) and moving needs to be prolonged so imma be sleeping a lot. (Not Okay) but I’ll be okay. As long as I keep my mouth shut.

Welp that’s life for now I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone stuck or Ground Hogs Day ( the Movie) but sleeping through it.

Imma TTYL imma try and make The HeartBeats 💗 light hearted and on Craft today and not life trials. I need to get over it. 🙄😭😤🤧😭🙄

🥕🐴 Always have something Positive to lead you away from the Unwanted things in life and may it nourish you and be everything you need🥕🐴

🙏🏾The Ninth Poetess , LLC 🙏🏾

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