September 11,2021 Just Write Mo

Greetings Everyone 弘 Today wasnt the greatest. I slept all day in hopes to get quiet. Nerves bad as h***. I need to figure it out . A medium. Something to balance everything out.

I had a 1.50 pizza in hopes it puts me back to sleep.

Now Im dealing with bass booming cars its nerve wrecking they wrecking my nerves and probably my neighbors. Normally I sleep through it but Ive been sleep all day. Everyday the booming bass and Cars idling gets on my last nerve.

I wish I could figure the concept out to work through your frustrations instead Im wasting a day and venting about it. What a waste.虹mma sit back and see if I can find one of my favorite shows on YouTube tonight tomorrow might be a better day I can only hope. Bless yall tonight. Love Yall 弘予

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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