September 10,2021 The HeartBeats 💗 🥰📖✍🏾🤩🥕🐴🤓🤘🏽🌻🤎✌🏼

Greetings🥰, Today I’m spent Last night was rough I was up late venting on my let down. But today I’m not even gonna front I’m spent. I need a minute or two or three to recharge. So if you Rocking with me you’ll see my shakes and moves so we can move and groove. 💃🕺 Gotta shake Off the Funk( Bad JuJu like my mentor said) I’m get the Juju off and do it by the books. I have a Attorney I’ve used in the past Imma consult and hopefully they can steer me in the right direction but I’m not ready I want a few books ready to be edited before I consult the Higher Ups. Because they are the Higher Ups. Sarra Cannon a Higher Up all the Influencers are. Sarra Cannon Got a New Coffee Chat Today imma go check out when I’m done posting and tweeting. I ended up tweeting within this post Dont go looking for Lifted Moon It’s Sites out there saying it’s for sale and it hasn’t even been published the site is fraudulent I don’t want y’all going to the site so don’t go looking for Lifted Moon If you want to see Poems check out my Author’s Page. Front page to the Site Possibly Poetry Or Short Story will be coming back. With poems from Lifted Moon. I’m okay with that. Welp let me head on over to YouTube and see if I can catch Sarra Cannons Vlog it may be over already. I Don’t Know🤷🏽 I feel good with my decision with Lifted Moon. It’s Gonna Be Released But not Traditionally. Hand picked poems will be showcased. Welp let me start my day and try to get out my funk. Absolutely Love Y’all💗

🚪when a door closes a window opens, don’t be afraid to make the leap🪟

🥕🐴The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🥕🐴

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