September 9,2021 Just Write Mo

Dont Know When Lifted Moon Gonna To Be Published Im so sorry everyone I really thought it was a few minor things its a ish storm like one of them Hurricanes brewing full of problems Im trying not to have nothing thats been copyrighted and trademarked in the book. I aint trying to be sued before I even make a single penny and its some sharks out there I bet. Truthfully I rather it be A freebie but how much Im spending fixing mistakes and the different formats im needing I might not even break even on books sold. Im afraid and Ive attempted to publish today was stopped by copyright rules and regulations. No one thinks about that when they creating a masterpiece Heck Im Small Potatoes it would be me someone or thing would make a example of. Welp I guess Ill face the music on Twitter They Gonna Be Upset I Bet not more upset than me . Im Pissed and on A Special Day the Ninth Day in The Ninth Month and Im Ninth How embarrassing ? gonna have to wait till next year to publish and I would be Happy with that. Im not Perfect by a long shot anyways though no matter how much I try or what this site might look like The site might look perfect I aint. At times I wish I was and that could be the problem, who knows? But, What a daggone let down today. Welp let me inform the masses Family everyone is family today friends too. Its been a hard day. 唐菊恫唐菊

TTYL 弘樹唐菊恫凌

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

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