September 8,2021 🐪🐫The Happenings On Hump Day🐫🐪

Didn’t too much happen today 😒😟😞 probably because I was up late last night my sleep is all over the place. I did reach out to my formatter again no reply yet. I hope she be able to finish on time I’m so worried and it all my fault I’m rushing her. I hope she’s able to respond soon. I want some Honey Nut Cheerios or Some Captain Crunch with Berries don’t even need to be name brand or some Frosted Flakes. Or some Raisin Bran. If you don’t eat cereals I don’t trust you. It’ll fill you up in a pinch. I even eat Oatmeal w butter and brown sugar and raisins .

Today I spent sleep from depression and frustration from getting the interior of the book done. Hopefully tomorrow is better. It’s a pretty special day tomorrow for me. Im just trying to mosey over this Hump trying to save face and I don’t think it’s working today. I feel defeated today. Like I gained all my weight back I lost. ( I didn’t) I just feel let down family. I should have got up today. Instead I checked out of my reality. I’m sure everyone can relate. I realize I probably check out more than most and that’s gonna have to be okay because I can’t deal with anymore( it really ain’t okay but I ain’t gonna deal with it now) 🥱😵‍💫🤔 I feel like I wasted a day. I want to know why I feel so bad on days I don’t write because I know Im far from perfect today just wasn’t a writing day for me that’s all.

Welp I now we have some Oatmeal’s I’m go make a bowl. I need that comfort meal I had a small 1.50 pizza today it did the trick but that was hours ago. Maybe I can find a dried fruit mix for my dish Don’t know 🤷🏽

🐪🐫I hope y’all got over the hump today. Bless y’all🙏🏾🐪🐫

Imma take a pause TTYL my Dearest Friends and HeartBeats Family Love Y’all💛🥰✌🏼

🐫💛The Ninth Poetess , LLC 💛🐫

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