September 7,2021 Just Write Mo

Good evening everyone 弘 Today has been an Epic day I have I used a Holiday Pomodoro that got me in the Spirit. It was nice and tranquil to me and my Muse I started late but I finished on a high note. I worked on Enaji-O for 1.5 hours thats writing and research. The Baecation their on is really a big business trip for the men in the story now and the women just tagged along in hopes they have some fun. Yall will never Guess where they are in the world. Its off the beaten path dont hear too much about this place. Its kind of pricey this country too. Im having a ball creating. 予

Guess what ladies and gentlemen the Library of Congress: National Book Festival starts September 17,2021 -September 26,2021 you can search YouTube under Library of Congress or PBS Books to see whats the Festival is all about. 予Always Have Fun

Sarra Cannon over on her HeartBreathings channel posted a reminder to all of us. Next month is Preptober for the Original Nanowrimo 1. Prep month March /*April: Camp Nanowrimo. 2. Prep Month October /*November: Nanowrimo Shes Prepping already which may be a great idea while its fresh on the brain.

Ways to Prep for Nanowrimo:

1.Get Your Writing Utensils(pens markers pens laptop typewriter tablet notebooks post it index cards etc)

2. Read books on the writing craft get a writing prompt book. Get books that teaches fictional genre writing like romance or urban fiction Etc夙et books that teaches screen writing etc.

3. Watch and subscribe to AuthorTube Influencers learn what they know about the craft.

4. Find Pomodoros that fits your speed and Timeframes.

5. Find which program your gonna be using to write on and in. Like: a. Milanote b. Google Drive c. Microsoft Word d. Scrivener e. Story Lattice etc..

6. Get a Journal and a Daily Planner to write your journey out and to keep you oiled and running with a carrot in front of you Leading you on.

This is a few things to do not everything youll still need to find a place in your home or out in the community thats quiet you can write. And you still need to find a special time to write. And Im sure Im forgetting somethings. 求o your own Researching Too Please佞

Today I ate my 3 dollar frozen pizza the best it was thin crust and yummy I may have fruit for a sweet treat tonight or save it for breakfast we will see.

To be honest I forget if I tweeted this morning or not imma check if I did Ill wait to tweet tomorrow . Imma take a pause and comeback much later when I take my sugar pill in the morning or late night with the Writers Journey TTYL弘予

theres always a tomorrow if you there for it or not its a must you show up for it and show out its your blessing on the line.

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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