September 7,2021 🚨Possibly Poetry Or Short Story Updated🚨

The poem is called Sugarfree it will be in Lifted Moon. This is the last peeksee from Lifted Moon. I hope you enjoy.

🚨Reading back over Lifted Moon I know some of y’all may not approve or dislike a couple of my poems. And I have to be okay with that. It’s different strokes for different folks. And none of us is perfect. And some is personal to me like mentioning that I want to be cremated when I pass away and transition is personal that’s in a poem of mines that’s far off into my future on my dying day by a crematorium. Free me of a sick tired body when the time comes not now I’m vibrant and very much alive. So I don’t need extremist trying to fulfill some crazy dream or destiny to see how they can set Little Ninth on Fire because it’s in a poem and it’s mentioned. Poetry is NonFiction based on realness but don’t act out my poems please not like that it’s gonna get you jail time and I ain’t trying to get hurt or die no kind of way. 🚨

I might take that particular poem out I don’t know. It’s kind of risky.

With The Deepest Regards,

🚔The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🚔

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