September 6,2021 Just Write Mo 

Good evening 弘 Im dealing with hot rods tonight. I swear sometimes my block be the Indy 500 its nerve wrecking my anxiety goes up to the stratosphere .

Today I posted the new writing prompts and archived them you can check out Go For It Tuesdays early I hope yall enjoy them予

Go on over to Twitters and get filled in . The Ninth imma attempt to publish Lifted Moon we will see what happens I have a second Poetry Collection called The Mind of a Deep Ocean. This collection is more complete than Star Gazes . So I may wait a minute for Star Gazes to be published.

If you dont eat green and black olives I cant trust you. Snacked on a few with some pepper jack cheese slices yummo I had my shrimp popper some seasoned fries soda 奶 excited for my weight loss I havent been over indulging myself or eating fast food all the time. Im gonna continue to be mindful because it can easily get packed back on and I aint down with that.

I spent the day searching for my shapeshifter novel and came up empty handed . Found some other wonderful things like my family wedding pictures. Pictures of my mom and grandma who aint here with us no more. They were so happy and so proud that day. My mom was still in remission she had hair. Not her Sisterlocks she had when the cancer came back she had beautiful hair long and thick and had to cut it all off. So that tell me a lot about the timeframe the picture was taken.

Welp imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the Writers Journey Maybe or the HeartBeats TTYL 弘予樹

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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