August 30,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello , Hello I have a change in plans I think. I may be publishing through Amazon if I do this Lifted Moon May or may not Be FREE Ebook or 99 cents but youll get just the print book no extras for 9.99 if you buy through me it will still be 29.99 plus shipping/tax but your getting metal/brass feather bookmarks and Book signing personalized with my thanks and appreciation just for you. Im so sleepy now I feel like Im narcoleptic.弗 trying to listen to the news. But I think imma miss it today I get the news later if Im up. Most likely It will be a storm coming tonight. Makes me nervous. Because they way our electric source is made up you blow on it the wrong way we be in a black out for 3-4 days. Been there. Welp imma take a pause and comeback late tonight hopefully after the storms pass us. Today I was in process of setting up publishing at Amazon I have to talk to my formatter we will see what happens. I feel like Im playing leap frog where imma land next thats the best place to publish Im spent and need help like anybody else imma talk to my mentor more about it. Just nervous welp imma TTYL Family and Friends 鳶樹弗

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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