August 30,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗🤩 my nose is draining and I know it’s from the eye drops getting into my glands. I don’t feel sick it’s irritating and uncomfortable. I feel better as I posting this post though. 😢😫😩🤧 I counted how many WIPS I got going on and I’ve got a few. Imma name them. Enaji-O The Adventures of Enaji, The Dragon Gang:The Dealings of Monster & The Big Man Book 2 of Enaji-O Series, Bossie: An Omaha Love Story, Nola Dupree : A Crime Story, Star Gazes:Poems of The Ninth Poetess, The Brothel :Story of the Precious Gems 💎, Ninth’s Family Legacy Cookbook, Changed the name of The Black Lagoon Crew to:The Onyx Star Crew, From The Fire To The Sky, The Merry Go Round, Tackle My Heart, The Lights, Sugar ( Cleaning House) and it one I lost along the way but I have two places to look for it. It’s actually my Shape Shifter Novel I started Don’t remember the name of it just remember how it goes. I got more than a handful I’ve started unfinished WIPS and more than this because Some are Series I need to finish a novel after Lifted Moon I’m thinking Enaji-O will be the next book published but it’s gonna take some time. I’m nervous about Beta Readers I’ve had some experiences and got my anxiety up higher than the price of meat in the meat department at the grocery store. We will see what happens. I was gonna post on Twitter tonight but I may post in the morning first so check for me in the AM on Twitters. I think Twitter is fly and dope. When I got on Twitter years ago it was nothing how it is now . I have a reason to be on Twitter for one For two I kind of understand the concept of Twitter before I was Clueless. It’s dope.

🚨Sorry for the uniformity of the words I couldn’t stop the bold lettering.🚨

🚨Spoiler Alert: the story I lost I need to find. The backdrop is in Africa and I was saving for a special time to do my research on where in Africa I wanted to Showcase and be Authentic in writing for the reading experience. I have a Aunt and Cousin who went to Africa for their Bucket List I want to go to see the tall family statue museum there I forget the name. Most people want to see where they kept captured Africans in the Slave Trade I Can’t do it I feel spirit too much. I feel my mom is with me I feel my ancestors with me going there will have me out of commission. I’m sure it’s once in a lifetime experience too. Don’t know if I could handle it. Bless it. 🚨

🚨Also I’m no medium nothing of the sort so imma leave that right there🚨

I feel like I’m getting personal which I probably am y’all know my mom is with me near by I always talk about my Mama Bear 🐻 Im guessing this apart of my healing and grieving processes. I talk about her often so I can function and I be thinking she wants me to mention her so she knows I haven’t forgottten her. I’ll never ever ever do that. I know something lifted off my spirit tonight I’m praying it stays away it was probably the Sandman why he came to visit I do not know? This month went too daggone fast for me to even to enjoy it where the Heck did August go? It went faster than a Air Force Jet. Fast enough to be in the Future and the present same dang time. A mess.

Finish August Strong and carry it over to the month of the Virgos💗 The month of love. Start scheduling time to write on next months calendar and write a contract to yourself to hold you accountable. You have a couple days to start.

Welp imma start my night watching thy news everyone be safe Mother Nature having her way . Please get to safety. 🙏🏾Everyone stay safe from Mother Nature and the Unwanteds. Have a beautiful morning have a beautiful day🌇🌅☀️🌦TTYL💗🤎🥰✌🏼

🌍The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌍

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