August 29,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Again Friends and HeartBeats 弘 Me and my Muse been busy with a new WIP. Its a Fantasy Adventure with strange creatures thats half human half animal or insect in far off distant lands. Right now imma possibly work on the cast of characters then build from there. This is actually my second fantasy Ive come up with. I have one that has Shape shifters in it. I need to find it and put it upfront in my file. I have so many WIPS that needs Attention imma start atleast outlining a lot of them giving them bones and structure I would feel better about my Craft if I do that. Ill be working on that this coming week.

Lifted Moon: The Poems Of The Ninth Poetess I will be attempting to publish on September 9 th . On Smashwords FREE EBOOK . I will also be figuring out how to do my physical copy with bookmarks very soon. Ive already have my bookmarks for it. These books gonna be pricey because Im paying for print copies and shippings twice and bookmarks that make them special. I need to figure some things out. And I need to come up with another paper bookmark or something other than metal for those who may be allergic to different metals. The bookmarks I have are beautiful metal feathers. Different color Angel wing feathers. They one solid color but I have different colors of them like Gold Rose Gold and Silver but its just plain metal not the real deal . Most likely imma try and get some service to help me with the money transaction Im not gonna name it yet until Im ready to go. Each book will be signed individually and you will have contact with me before its signed / sent out. I definitely will be hands on with your purchase. To tell the truth I may be making all of this hard on myself but we will see how it goes. kind of scared about it

Get Ready for the week its gonna be time to Work Work Work like imma get to work after this post my eyes not bothering me today yesterday was horrible everything was on the table bothering me very uncomfortable. Set up your times to work on craft this coming week. In a minute imma have my cheap little thin crusted pizza. They the Best the cheaper you get make sure they on sale.

Welp let me start my Day when it almost over. Today done went too daggone fast. I may be back later with The Writers Journey tonight or early morning. Have a beautiful quiet relaxing and Safe night. Bless yall. Work on this coming weeks Agendas, TTYL弘

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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