August 28,2021 🤩Just Write Mo🤩

Good Evening even though I’m digging some unwanted feelings from under my skin and my spirit. I’m still fighting harder not to be bothered by what was sent to my email. But to be honest I’m Plainly hurt by it. This Platform my group my Twitter was to help make lasting relationships fill a void of a sick mom who in the end suffered great pain on her transition she died from Brain Cancer that started in her breast moved to the rest of her organs. I deal with a lot I can’t unsee. And that I feel. But when I come to my platforms it’s another world. I can’t have a place I created be a spot of negativity that’s a no go . This platform is more than my Passion it’s a extension to where my mom left off it’s keeping me here . Not to be morbid. And I love Y’all you keep me going my HeartBeats and Friends. And I sure do want the friends to join.🥰💗

Today I worked on Star Gazes wrote a poem called (The Juggler) could have done more today but it will suffice.

Tomorrow I want it to be Epic No problems hopefully I stay up too right now I have insomnia too worried to sleep I need to tell it like everything else that worries me get in line take a number. People have so much they go through on a daily it be down to the minutes and seconds you be asking what’s nexts to worry about. If you have experience living in the inner city you praying no one bother you and hurt you getting your trash can back and forth to the curb or get the mail can’t even do simple stuff and my Anxiety runs higher than a car payment. I got anxiety riding in cars going anywhere. And talking to someone about it ain’t gonna help. H*** I got anxiety about these people who left this nasty email as if they could harm me . And I’m praying 🙏🏾 it don’t go that far. I just want people to like the site use the site Enjoy the blogs become my friends HeartBeats family. That’s it

Bless y’all have a safe quiet relaxing night. I’ll be back with the HeartBeats in the morning hopefully a beautiful day is in my cosmos tomorrow 🙏🏾TTYL 🥰💗✌🏼

💊taking this pill is a drag it keeping me alive though Bless it.💊

🙏🏾The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🙏🏾

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