August 27,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Greetings this Evening 🥰💗 I wanted to do Just Write Mo which will be my very next Post but I’ve been itching to say this since early this afternoon. Now, I was either Spammed or Someone out there is flat out want me to know they a nasty individual 🤮🤢 and I don’t appreciate either one because this site and blog not going to tolerate these acts. I’m positive and will continue to be positive. It looks like they may have used someone else’s email and website and I could be wrong. Only the angels in Heaven know. 🚨They better not use me in a spam. I don’t play Games like that people got way too much time on they hands I have a positive site promoting positive stuff Period🚨 Can’t even get mad at who I think it is because it may be someone using their identity. Who knows? Has me perplexed. Hopefully they don’t comeback. So this has been my day a day of speaking to the Higher Ups. I did work on craft I’ll talk about that in Just Write Mo. Check out my Twitter I Tweeted about this today. The whole thing hurt my little feelings Y’all know I Don’t mess with nobody on here I’m y’all’s Cheerleader and want the best for all of you. I just find it discouraging for someone to be so hate filled to vomit and spew wickedness on someone’s site nothing but good on the site too. I just don’t want anything like that on this site/blog anymore. If someone that hate filled got no business viewing my site Period. Or commenting on none of mine my friends or HeartBeats post Period. We Handle site business so we can move on. So Bless the Almighty. Welp imma move on over to Just Write Mo. have a blessed night Friends and HeartBeats 💗

🐻. REST IN Power Momma 🐻

🤎All of y’all fill my chocolate heart🤎

🤎The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🤎

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