August 25,2021 🎉Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🎉

The Patience Of The Patients😷🤧🤕💉💊👩🏼‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

Pricking and Poking

Sugar Numbers better stay down

Watching what I eat

Love to eat and and drink

Love to get down

Taking the nasty pills

Saving sugar numbers

What a thrill not to be ill

Want a break from all communication

This program Im surely hating

Horrible past from dating

These doctors pump you full of drugs

None of them relating

How much can one take. 

Taking 50 different pills

Guinea Pig on the new sh** that they make.

At the Clinic ten times out of Seven days a week

I swear they love probing me

Taking away my sweet treats

Knock me over my head

They killing me

I’m the Patient and I got no patience

 I want to be Normal

Tired of waiting

I say I’m Cheap

Doctors  say your high maintenance 

Can’t keep up with my day

Trying to get away

Don’t want to die

Live Life

Do what you can

In your own way

🤎The Ninth Poetess🤎

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