August 24,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰☕️📖✍🏾🤎✈️🏝⏳🤩🔥🥊

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 have y’all ever ate something and forgot you ate 30 minutes after. I had me some Castles and just that quick I’m thinking about eating something else like I haven’t ate a thing I’m full had my coffee concoction that filled me up too. might have my peaches later. Did my dailys. I woke up today to a loud bang like a gun shot. But I could be having nightmares of that unwanted night.Bless It. I’m at my witts end with shootings and death 💀. We trying to live peacefully. Today seems forced and I’m trying to get out of that feeling and go to my imaginary writing resort ( the igloos☃️❄️) I’ll have Go For It Tuesdays up in a few. Then I’ll post on Twitter what going on in my day. Gotta check out the Twitter Pages if you haven’t already. Twitter is dope🤩. I have a growing following it’s encouraging. They my HeartBeats too💗 imma get up and find a KA Emmons Clip to watch and then find a pomodoro to use and dive into these WIPS welp let me start getting Go For It Tuesday up I’ll be back in a few I’ll TTYL 🥰💗✌🏼

✈️The Ninth Poetess, LLC ✈️

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