August 24,2021 🤩Go For It Tuesdays🤩

Evening Everybody 🥰🤩 I plan on writing later tonight when its quieter . No interruptions I feel like my whole day be a interruption it’s tiring instead of basking in the quietness of the night imma work on something right now imma go to sleep while it early to get up at 4am I’m trying a new normal I can work with. My nerves bad right now I have to sleep this ish off till the house get quiet. Anxiety is back too. Feel like I can’t maintain all of a sudden. Bless it I just need to cope with how my life is and hang it up. My feelings everything ain’t my mom hurting me lots of it is how I’m dealing with life in the present tense. Anxiety. Annoyed. Just need a change. Today I did journal. Journaling always help. I don’t get everything out because of others eyeballs but I vent enough to release stressors. Can’t say what I want might hurt feelings or might disrespect and I’m not trying to do that. I just want peace and quiet want the noise to stop to help my anxiety. Bless it. Years ago I’ve heard someone say you only get peace and quiet when you Die. Why does it have to be so viciously dramatic and final? I ain’t trying to wait till I’m Dead to enjoy life. I’m getting my enjoyment now! 🧐 when you dead it’s too late God may not have enjoyment on your agenda in the afterlife. Enjoy life Now the best you know how. I’m not giving up writing today imma write but it’ll be late night early morning Writers Journey you’ll hear how my writing session went. I need a big change like pruning back shrubs and bushes , Trees. To grow again. I wanna grow but I feel held back many ways. It’s gonna get better ❤️‍🩹 I know it will. If you feel stuck or held back in a way in your. Craft or life or both change is coming. Time heals all wounds. Just be patient it’s coming. Take all the steps to make change and it’s in your grasps. You can have it. Welp imma take a nap or go to sleep if I go to sleep now I’ll wake up at4 am that’s perfect let me start my night everyone and take this eye drops. Have a beautiful quiet safe night end it by reading a dope book. Take care TTYL💗✌🏼🤎

✈️The Ninth Poetess, LLC ✈️

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