August 23,2021 Just Write Mo

Greeting Friends and HeartBeats I Wrote Mo tonight . I didnt use Pomodoro but I didnt write but for about 45 minutes. If that. I started too late in the day I need to start early morning but my brain aint processing ish before 9-10am I feel like Ive been distracted all day. Phone been giving me the Unwanteds since this upgrade. Been trying to fix it today atleast I attempted a whole day of writing. Every little bit adds up. I got a couple dailys to do early tomorrow if my phone not giving me the Unwanteds. I may be a little late with The HeartBeats tomorrow. Please excuse me. Have you seen KA Emmons new one on YouTube imma dive into it tonight. Its on how to take a writing retreat at home. Freaking dope info I need tonight to start my day tomorrow. I need to savor the flavors of this Vlog Podcast Almighty Bless them for this one if I can pull it off and make a writing resort out of my home literally Im never coming back to reality. Im gone.儭 welp imma comeback later when I take my sugar pill and eye drops. Bless yall. Stay Cool Stay Safe & Keep Writing everyone弘

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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