August 21,2021 Just Write Mo

Evening Everyone 弘 I Wrote Mo today in Nola Dupree Im brainstorming the twist and turns trying to seal the Ins and Outs of the mystery of the crime and trying not to rush it to the end Right now Nola Clueless of the Danger she would have been in. But For How Long? And what will she do when she Finds out the truth? It seems like Im not writing as fast as I can think it up. So Im backed up with Content of multiple WIPS. All the time. Tonight I got my eye drops to put in Im just praying it works and dont blind me. My Fear. Momma I need my eyes . For real. Welp imma take a pause tonight. Imma comeback with the Writers Journey later on or early in the morning tomorrow when I take my sugar pill. I hope yall had a great writing day and stayed in the zone with your Muse. bless yall my Friends and HeartBeats family have a beautiful quiet safe night.弘

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

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