August 20,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Friends andHeatBeats 弘 I Wrote Mo Today予. I worked on a Poem called Escaped Maniac. Its about how I escaped a maniac. Felt good to work on Craft today. And get that poem out of me. I Reached out to my Mentor and told her about the Library Resources Courses they have. Its pretty Dope. You gotta take advantage of stuff like this especially when its FREE. You gotta find the time to take the courses . My day went so fast these days imma try to get my sleep back on schedule or my day will be gone. I got stuff to do.

Check out the Twitter page Friends and HeartBeats sometimes I post different stuff on Twitter follow me over there too. Twitter is lit .

Today was a blur I hope this weekend dont go so fast. Imma take a pause Ill come back tomorrow with the HeartBeats or the Writers Journey depends how Im feeling in a few hours Ill be up taking this Sugar Pill in a few. TTYL 弘

儭 Take flight this weekend in your WIP dont let your feet touch the ground. And take your Muse with you儭

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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