August 18,2021 🤓🐫The Happenings On Hump Day 🐫🤓

Hello HeartBeats and Friends. This is something new imma do on Wednesdays I need to talk fast because I got the Yawns I’ve done a lot today. Washed my hair and on the phone with customer service and worked on Nola took my medicine now I’m sleepy I had a 1.50 pizza today they the best. 🍕 washed dishes I’m spent . In Nola I’m killing people off. They deserve it they got to go, got to go. Then it’s all about protecting the Vigilantes. Without Nola finding out what happened. It’s gonna be a dope story. Welp I’m a sleepy camper. I didn’t use a pomodoro but I wrote for about an hour or so. Maybe tomorrow I’ll use a pomodoro Bless y’all tonight be safe have a quiet night . 🥰💗 TTYL 🥰✌🏼

🐌The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐌

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