August 17,2021 Just Write Mo

Good Evening Friends and HeartBeats Family弘 Today was Epic. I changed my Authors Plan a little I still have yet to type it up it may change again in that process. Ive worked on Nola thought about skipping on over to Enaji-O but I might work on both Tomorrow if its a good day for my Muse. Im happy my Muse showed up today. Washed Dishes. Tomorrow I may wash my Curly Top. Its getting so long Im still debating if I want my hair long or not. Ive been enjoying it short. Plus its in need of a cut again anyways it still have unhealthy straight relaxed ends that I dont want. I would have shaved it down to the scalp but Im a chicken.. Nola coming along . On Twitter I spoke a little about my journey writing Nola Dupree:A Crime Story today go on over and check out my Tweets. I absolutely love Twitter now that I know how to work it a little better. Nola is not like anything Ive ever written before I just want to stick to the outline once I start writing my dialogue. Right now Im trying to get out the plots. Nola may be a longer book. I dont know仄賤儭 . Im taking my time with Enaji because its my Special Baby. The Black Lagoon Crew gave me that experience that yes you can finish a Outline for a novel. A good outline too. So I know I can do it. Which is encouraging welp imma take a pause and come back late or early with the Writers Journey. I hope yall enjoyed the Go For It Tuesdays Prompts. I hope yall enjoying the prompts archives period. Welp imma TTYL imma get into this book tonight. Enjoy yalls Evening everyone.予弘

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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