August 16,2021 Just Write Mo

Greetings From The Tombs爬 today was good for daylight once dusk hit ish went down hill. Why I decided to handle business after hours I dont know. I get Anxiety from everything and anyone. I got off the phone with someone who told me to be safe I dont like being told be safe because I dont know if you mean it and your true intentions could say be safe and send people to hurt me. Do I have something I need to be safe from that your sending ? I dont put nothing pass no one. Now me saying be safe have a safe night just know it genuine love being sent to yall. But customer service people have too much of your information as it is then to tell you be safe . I wanted to ask Be safe from what? But Im not that quick. And maybe Im looking too deep into it. I dont know. But I spent the evening handling dailys that couldve waited till I spoke to a Local Agent. Now my Anxiety up. And didnt get a Name I forgot if she told me just a location. I hate doing business over the phone too many peoples eyes on your information. I may get into Nola Tomorrow if no distractions hinder me. Im praying it wont. I wish my street was quieter than it is. The other night hot rods in close proximity racing amongst other things. You could probably put me on the moon by myself it still wouldnt be quiet enough or Ill find something wrong I would say its too bright because of the sun. Or too cold. Something would be wrong. Im just trying to get comfortable to welcome my Muse. Today was a No Go. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Bless it樹 may all unwanted issues stay in the pits of the Tombs in Hell and turn to Ashes. I feel like Im in the tombs myself. Dang Devil always try to put his hands on my life. Imma Shake his miserable tail off of me. I deal with enough throughout my day. Im trying to be dedicated to the Craft to my friends and HeartBeats on both of my platforms and the Unwanteds shows its annoying head. A whole wasted day of not writing. But worrying about my life. Something I need to Give Totally to my Higher Power. Something always stirs up my anxiety it never fails. Imma start telling these Unwanteds get in line. So I can stop worrying about everything in general. Easier said than done唐. Frustrating. If I write in the week its celebratory that means my spirit is happy and at peace to where my Muse feels safe to join me. No bad vibes bothering me. Im Good. Im yearning for those days. Welp imma TTYL comeback later with the Writers Journey Bless you. I Love yall Be Safe Enjoy your Evening弘爬 No Tombs Tomorrow. We will be in the Happy Place, a must everyday for me to be in the Happy Place

Wish Mama Bear Was Here She Takes No Mess. Rest In Paradise I miss her so much唐

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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