August 13,2021 Just Write Mo 

Good Evening 弘予喫鄱ve been hard at work today. Me and my muse put in work in that Craft . Half way done with section 2 I know when writing actual dialogue for this one its gonna make it a longer Novel right now Nola is prepping for Her Fashion Week its going in detail of how she finds her fabrics and jewelry pieces she repurpose a lot of thrifted clothing from thrift stores and hand me downs from her family. Everyone knows to give Nola the clothes they dont want or cant wear anymore. They even go as far to ask her to make new clothing from there old clothes. They know Nola a Fashionista and will have them looking Fly. She charge by piece and Hour shes always been a business woman and about her bread. As of now in the story the reader should know one of her siblings is out to kill her for her fortune from her biological parents murder by the police and its not the sibling that raised her. Her dad which is also her brother is hot on the trail of this killer sibling thats what nobody knows. The love interest is the nemesis turned good guy gets caught anyways in the end its a dope story about Greed, Family, Trust,Loyalty, and Raw Love when you gotta kill your own kin to save your daughter / sister it gets real hectic. Imma try and keep the story energetic as possible. I love it already Im invested.予

I hope yalls WIPS been coming along Dope. 予弘I hope you like the beginnings of the story. Have a beautiful quiet evening friends and HeartBeats Family imma TTYL

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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