August 12,2021 Just Write Mo

Greetings弘 imma be truthful today aint the greatest of days. I miss my mother who passed 2 years ago that seems like it happened yesterday. I plan on reading a fun loving romance tonight to get this feeling off of me. I wanted to write so badly today. But like I tell yall when you plan on doing something its Comedy to God he will have you on another path. You can head over to my Twitter and see how Ive been feeling today I kind of vented. #Vomited on Twitter. It just came out. What can I say? Only that I apologize for having my feelings today. Ive been high stressed along time Ive been hiding a lot of negative days from yall only because my platform is my happy place. Tomorrow will be better.I know it will. Prayer changes things. And prayer have gotten me this far I shouldnt doubt my Higher Power can fix it. Tomorrow me and my Muse gonna link up and take my Craft to a whole new galaxy. Imma pretend Im at Kakslauttanen Artic Resort I love the snow just not -20- -50 Below zero. Would love to go one day. My imagination is enough for now. Hella expensive I bet getting there, staying and coming back home. Welp imma lay here and jump into a great Romance. I will TTYL弘弗弗弗

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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