August 11, 2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Everyone弘Ive started on a Crime Thriller called Nola A Crime Novel Its about a young lady that was raised by her siblings and came into a inheritance from her parents death, that the police had apart in her parents death. Her older brother and his wife raised Nola like their own from the age of 2. Hes 20 years her senior. She has other siblings that ran through their own inheritance and they are itching to get their hands on Nolas. Her DAD / Brother set it up she doesnt get a lump sum hoping she will be able to sustain a realistic lifestyle and live within her means. Her Dad/ Brother has a Towing Company and his wife a shop owner of her own salon. They want Nola to make a living instead of spending. Nolas interest is Fashion. Shes been selling TShirts and matching Hood Fabulous couples outfits She draws up and creates. Accessories to boot. Shes a excellent seamstress her mothers Sister taught her and Her Dad/Brother got her top of the line industrial/ commercial sewing machine. And shes been burning rubber ever since. She has plans on winning Fashion Week in the Fall. But shes going to do that as cheap as possible buying fabric on consignment and even thrifting she plans on saving a dollar or two Nola and her best friend Paris throw an audition for models 200 people shows up. Including a male model named Byron and from there all his problems seem to bleed into her world literally and for Nola its a fight for her Life. Will she Survive it ? Will her new found inheritance dwindle away like her careless siblings?Will Nolas Dad/Brother have to come out of Retirement on some fools?

Im just in the beginnings of the Outline it felt good getting my story out cant wait for tomorrow me and my muse Rocked Out today now maybe if I can start early ?

I may be slow as a turtle or a snail But me and my Muse Gives em Hell

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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