August 9,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everybody🥰💀🪦y’all know I’m in the Tombs. The day went so fast and got away from me. This afternoon I spent reading and vacaying on the premises. Imma finish my book sometime this week I was reading Her Billion Dollar Man by Rochelle Williams an its Fire 🔥 🥰🤩 She’s Dope with here pen. My day off been fun and blessed even though Saturday I was legally Robbed and was in agonizing emotional and physical( heartache) and spiritual pain my feelings is hurt. I’ll never get a vehicle from the dealership I was so loyal too again first off Kia Cars worst than Ford them Rios will have you stranded in the middle of a intersection out the dang gone blue and you gotta fix cylinders whatever the Hell those are. They use to call a Ford Fix Or Repair Daily Vehicles a Rio Will Have you Screwed over if you don’t get the warranty that comes with it that cost extra you screwed because in 8 to 10 months the cylinders gonna wear out out the blue I had a Ford I ran the car in the ground never serviced it just gave it oil changes dang gone transmission went out I serviced the mess out my Rio and I became annoyed about everything Ruthie Ann had to offer. Hoping Chevy doesn’t come with a lot of mandatory servicing every 8 months it’s a mess. I just want my oil changes and roll out. Kias are cute good on gas just get the warranty make sure you get it 10 years or 100,000 miles. Make sure you get a extended warranty too when the factory warranty run out. You gonna need it. Cylinders not cheap tow not cheap service work not cheap pay 100 deductible compared to thousands in servicing the car. It’s worth every penny of the warranty. That’s enough of my experience with Ruthie Ann. I still feel like something died inside me they did me wrong they will never see me again they sell Kia and Chevy I was gonna get my Chevy from them when it gets in stock but screw them they did me dirtballish. This is why Omaha the Tombs people are Devils in the Flesh Here. I reverted back to my bubble Saturday and tried to repair me. Bump that vehicle.

Reading today soothed my spirit got me back focused on the goals I’m working on. I got my Muse Excited I’m still on that Crime Thriller romance novel idea. I may work on the outline for that one tomorrow. Tv off. Just Old fashioned favorite pen and note pad. Imma take a pause my dearest Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🦁🥰🤩

🪦Be you at all times don’t let the Tombs pull you out your character People want you to lose all your Spiritual Faith and Religion behind their Shenanigans stay in the land of the living because they hold no power over you. You got this and your Angels Got You especially while your in the Tombs going through Hell. So hold on better days coming No one ever knows what someone is honestly going through mentally and spiritually and emotionally before they decide to F you over or screw you. People aren’t mindful these days just all about cutting corners and saving and making a dollar. They jipped the wrong one and lost a loyal customer. Rat Bastards. Excuse my French Potty Mouth😬🙄🪦

🦁The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🦁

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