August 7,2021 Just Write Mo

Shaw Guides is the Resource for all Conferences that deals with writing.Here’s a link. Dive in and see what’s good for your Muse.

I havent worked on anything today its actually a off day I may work on something tomorrow I feel like Im behind but really no schedule. Today I got a idea for a crime thriller I want to get out. Its gonna be good.I dont know who either Abbie Emmons or Sarra Cannon or both say this dont quote me but they say its good to leave that WIP and work on something else and come back later. When youve been brainstorming everything comes to the forefront and it may spark a whole new WIP that has nothing to do with the original one your working on. I would post the clip but forgot who I watched. Oops 突弘. I still need to watch the last Sarra Cannon Vlog on HeartBreathings welp imma take a pause and may come back with The Writers Journey. Bless yall Yall be safe And Stay Cool everyone its Tropical out there. Lots of moisture in the air these days. Stay cool and dry. TTYL Always Have Fun予

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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