August 6, 2021 Just Write Mo

Greetings弘 Im gonna be honest I havent found content today maybe I should tell yall my tidbit Im planning on doing with Releases. I was trying to save that till September 1st. Im going to be releasing all books as free ebooks paid print but you have to contact me for a print version that will be signed and a possible a bookmark till they run out I got the book marks to give to NOW GROUP members here in Omaha but my group is yall now. I have to figure out which means imma use to get paid. Im not savvy. Im doing it this way because I want yall to think yall getting something special book signing and nice metal book mark is Lit. I might have a few Metal feather Book marks and ones that look like metal candle canes imma need a P.O Box I have some planning to do in the coming weeks. Stay Tuned In friends and HeartBeats Family. A Lit Fall is coming. I know what I should have mentioned today and researched. Book Festivals and Conferences and Expos. Local State Fairs look out for those and your Local talented Authors. Get to know them and there work. I think stuff like that is Dope. Plus it gets you out to meet the Natives and maybe your neighbors. Welp imma take a pause. Im happy I came up with something to talk about. But I always do. TTYL予

Dont let the Tombs consume you take that heavy stone block and stick it up a Unwanted backside and get the stone off your chest so you can breathe

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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