August 3,2021 Just Write Mo

Hey everybody 弘予 I wrote mo today and now all the main characters in another country I got them getting off the plane getting in limos going to resorts and one going off to a life changing business meeting who might that be? I had to change the age of Bryan hes closer to 21. I had to change it. Enaji may be closer to 19 Enaji and Bryan Birthday is a month apart. They are 2 years and a month apart. The Story is coming along and Im ready for it to blossom. And I have a surprise for all of you when Im finished with the book. Yall gonna love it 弘. Im loving getting into the outline. Im even writing some dialogue Im hoping I can still use once the story is put together. All Ive been hearing is that outlines are good but they arent written in stone I want all my ideas and dialogue in mines. I dont want to throw nothing by the Wayside. Im excited for my future ventures with the Group and Platforms I Really am. And I have came into my decision today and it let off a ton of stress off my spirit off my mind I just hope you guys grow and grow and grow and spread the word follow explore all content and enjoy us. Lifted Moon coming next month too so hang out with us awhile Thats got a surprise as well. Hopefully . I got some work to do to set it up. Well imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey finish Strong tonight. Stay tuned for my next post in a few hours. TTYL弘

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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