August 3,2021 📖✍🏾 The Writers Journey ðŸ“–✍🏾

Greetings from the Tombs🥰🪦 As much as I try to stay positive today the cloud of depression lingers. And I have surprises coming for all of you interested. Hopefully it works out as planned🤓🥰☀️ today came to the conclusion Lifted Moon is coming out in September I have a Special Surprise about the Release i will let y’all know about September 1st. I worked on my craft for 2 hours using a dope Pomodoro I’m in Writing Bliss. Me and my Muse had a ball. 🤓🤩🥰⏳ happiness won today. Thats always Good. Even with stressors. Gotta fight through the Unwanteds. Well I need to go to sleep because something is double dutching on my last nerve for the day. Pissing me off. I need to sleep it off. Bless y’all have a beautiful night. Talk to y’all tomorrow may be later in the afternoon for a post I plan on starting my day early because I’m excited to work on my craft I’ll be working on it early tomorrow possibly. We’ll see.TTYL🥰🤩🤓✌🏼

✈️The Ninth Poetess, LLC ✈️

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